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According to the latest figures given by Kaspersky Labs (link is external), they have found that they are discovering 315,000 new malicious files per day!

What does that mean, you may ask?

Your anti virus software has what are called virus definition files, a kind of database. This database contains what are called, "signatures". A signature is a small piece of code that the anti virus software company has confirmed matches the piece of malicious code that is contained within the virus or trojan. So when the anti virus software scans the contents of a file and it finds a match within it's own database, the software knows that the file is malicious and so then performs whatever action was setup. Think of the signatures as fingerprints. A virus or trojan has a fingerprint and when a match is found, the software knows it has found a malicious piece of software.

Another way to write the first line would be that Kaspersky Labs are adding around two thousand fingerprints to it's virus definitions files every hour. Understand now? Very surprising!

Cyber criminals are getting more and more sophisticated in their efforts, constantly releasing new infections on to the internet and their primary objective appears to be financial.

There are many anti-virus vendors, too many to list here, that offer protection for your computer system. Here at Wave IT, we are not tied to any vendor and so we can advise you on the current best performing solution for your needs. This is of course if you need to get an anti-virus program for your computer but what about if you are already or think you are already infected? We use the latest tools to diagnose your system and if necessary perform any removals that may need to be done.