System Health Check


Do you get frustrated with how long it takes for your machine to do something? Ever had the thought, "It wasn't this slow when I first bought it!". We have heard this from our customers.

The longer you own a computer, the more likely it is that you have installed many new applications on to it as well as the amount of data that your machine now stores has probably increased in size as well. Imagine this scenario, you drive your nice new car from the showroom, everything is great. The nice new smell, everything is working at it's best. Wear and tear has yet to play it's part. Everything is working as you would like.........5 yrs later, fuel economy isn't so good, car doesn't seem to drive as well as when you first got it, just seems slower.

See the similarities? Your computer can suffer the same fate but all is not lost.

Within Windows 7 there is a built in Health Report function that you can run that will tell you how your machine is performing. To see instructions on how to run the health report, simply log in and head to our tutorials section where you will find a tutorial on how to run the Windows 7 Health Report.