Broadband / WiFi Problems


Frustrated with internet problems?

When trying to access a website, you get the message, "cannot display the webpage". Maybe you are with friends and are trying to get the address for your local take-away? Having problems sending/receiving emails? Desperately trying to book your next holiday?

When you lose connectivity, whether it may be your WiFi has stopped working or worse still, your broadband has lost connection, you then appreciate just how dependable you are on the internet and how frustrating it can be when it stops working. There are many reasons your internet may have gone down.

We here at Wave IT are just one phonecall away from offering you assistance in getting you back on-line. Of course, we do not provide the internet to your home and so are not responsible for it "not working" but what we can do is offer you advice to help you get back on-line as quickly as possible.