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Project Type: New Company Website
Client: Internal - Wave IT
Release Date: July, 2014
Keywords: Mobile, Update, Web Design

Wave IT have been around for a few years now and in that time, we have changed our website 3 times. Where you are now,, is our third version.

Way back in the beginning, we coded our first website  from scratch. We used Dreamweaver and coded the site at first in HTML. We then wanted to offer our customers a more dynamic, personalised experience when visiting our website and so we embarked on coding in PHP.

This was a long process as we had little to no experience with PHP. I won't go in to detail but suffice to say PHP alters the website content before you see the finished page. So, this offered us the opportunity to cater the website towards who was visiting, whether that be a brand new visitor through to an existing client.

That was WITC Website V1.

Then, as with all things to do with technology, upgrades and improvements are regularly being created.  This was what drove us to put together our second iteration of our website.

The first one served it's purpose but soon looked dated. When lacking a creative vision or flair, what we ended up with was a functional website which served it's purpose but without the "appeal" of something that "looked nice". So we embarked on creating WITC Website V2. Not only that but there is far more to it than just "looking nice".  A website is, in effect, your shop front and we wanted ours to look better!

One important step we took when putting together our V2 website was to use a CMS, in our case Drupal.

One important step we took when putting together our V2 website was to use a CMS which stands for Content Management System. The easiest way to describe it is to think of it as the building blocks that allow you to "make" your website. The CMS we chose to use was Drupal. We looked at others but settled on Drupal.

So, taking our experience from putting together V1 and now learning Drupal we came up with V2. This was far better than our V1 website, lacking in places but where it was lacking wasn't an issue as we changed internal processes and procedures. Drupal, offered us far more than what was possible before. One major plus for Drupal was the speed at which the website could be changed or added to. With a few taps of the keyboard and a swipe or two of the mouse we had completed the changes we needed to.  Compare this to our V1 website and we could spend an hour or more depending on what we were trying to achieve.

And here you are now on our V3 website.  We've come a long way and on our journey we have learnt a lot about website design.

We hope you enjoy your visit here at and welcome any comments or suggestions you may have after all........

the website was designed for you.


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