Re-Install Operating System Dell Inspiron Mini 10

Case Study Image - Picture of Dell 10 mini
Project Type: Re-install Operating System
Client: General Public
Release Date: July 1, 2014
Keywords: OS, Software, Support

A customer gave us a tiny netbook, a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 with Ubuntu 9 installed on it.  They wanted the Operating System upgraded.

Initially, the customer wanted us to try and install Window 7 on it so we tried the install method whereby you run the compact.exe command part way through installing to reduce the install size.  What we found is installing Windows 7 the normal way, we ended up with around 1GB free space.  Using the compact.exe /c /s /i command we had around 2GB of free space.  This was installing on a 8GB SSD!

Unfortunately, as soon as we installed all the necessary updates the free space had shrunk to around 600MB.  This was without installing SP1.  Then trying to install Windows 7 from a SP1 CD, there just wasn't enough free space to install, let alone getting to the compact command.  Windows installation threw up an error about installable files missing.

In the end, after agreeing with the owner who didn't want to spend extra upgrading the SSD for something bigger, say a 32GB or even 64GB, we installed Ubuntu 12.10 and now the tiny netbook, with all the latest patches installed, has around 3GB of free space.


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