Quelch Server Upgrade

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Project Type: Server Upgrade
Client: Quelch Engineering Ltd
Release Date: May 15, 2014 (Will be date of final release)
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Quelch Engineering, based in Uxbridge, Middlesex are CNC turning and milling specialists serving a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, telecoms, motor sports, medical and marine.

Their previous IT service provider grew to costly and their charges became unreasonably high.  "Even what seemed the simplest of requests or a 10 minute phone call would cost us." said Alan, Technical Director.  "We want to find an alternative that can provide us with a good service at a reasonable price."

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Wave IT became the IT Service Provider for Quelch during February, 2013 and it quickly became clear there were improvements to their IT infrastructure that they could take advantage of. The first job we undertook for Quelch was to move their email off the onsite Exchange Server in to the cloud with Office 365.  Then followed a much needed overdue improvement to their infrastructure and that was to replace their aging HP Server and update the Operating System as well which was Windows Server 2003.

The email migration came first. Office365 (link is external) was chosen and a mixture of plans within the Small Business family were chosen. 

We were thinking for a while about upgrading our IT system but the costs involved weren't justifiable, that is until Wave IT quoted us!

Alan - Quelch Engineering

Next up came the replacement server.  Through discussing the business requirements with Quelch and researching on their behalf, the server chosen was a HP MicroServer (link is external) and the operating system of choice was Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials(link is external).

We didn't stop there though.  To give Quelch Engineering the extra piece of mind when it comes to their BCDR (Business Continuity Disaster Recover) plan, we implemented Virtualization.  Virtualization brings many advantages of which Quelch Engineering wanted to realise the benefits of.  This meant we had to choose a Host Operating System on which we could then run the Virtual Machine that would be Server 2012.  We chose CEntOS as the host OS and through the Open Source package, KVM, we ran the Server 2012 Virtual Machine.

With the server built, Host and Guest OS installed, user accounts created, VPN setup, previous applications re-installed including Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 Express and backups of both the host OS and the Server 2012 VM being taken and stored on to a Synology 214 NAS, the infrastructure is in a great place and should be future proof for a good few years.


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