Welcome to our New Website

Wave IT Consulting LogoWelcome to the new Wave IT Consulting Ltd website! AND thank you for reading our first Blog post!

Our old website, our first incarnation, looked dated and we thought it was lacking in quite a few areas and so, changing what we used and how the site was designed and created, you are now looking at V3.0 of www.witc.co.uk.  This site and the previous versions were designed and engineered in-house.  We hope you like our new, improved V3.0 website.

As I.T. is constantly moving on, new technologies being invented, existing technologies being improved, we also decided here, at Wave IT, that we needed to move with the times also and so here we are, trying to convey to you, the customer, what Wave IT are all about.

My name is Wayne, Owner of Wave I.T. Consulting Ltd, and welcome any thoughts/comments you may have that will help us to deliver the best possible service, to the most important people involved with Wave I.T, that's our clients.....you...

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